Kool motor controllers – power beyond sine wave

Powerful & smooth motor control

99% efficiency – premium components & superior algorithms

Speed, torque, or speed+torque control

Instant throttle response

Recuperative e-brake

Phase current & voltage monitoring

Current protection for motor & battery

Over & under voltage protection

Auto-configuration for any motor & hall detection

Motor & controller temperature protection

CAN bus support

Charging battery from any DC voltage

Inbuild 5V & 12V DC power supply

Connect all peripherals directly to Display

2-4 times smaller than competitors

Automatic sleep mode and lock

e-Bike Computer

The on-board computer has large bright screen to display main parameters, driving modes settings, battery control, and the charging state.

Display real time parameters (speed, power, current, voltage, power left …)
Plenty control inputs on the back, with a single CAN-bus wire from Display to Controller
No need to run wires across the frame: plug throttle, breaks, switches etc to the display
3.6″ big FSTN LCD screen with the RGB-button backlit and IP65 protection
Configurable themes, fonts and languages
Automatic brightness and headlight control
LCD heater to protect from condensation and winter freezing
Security password protection,
USB-charger 5.2V 2А
GoPro standard mount

Kool 6 e-Bike motor power controller

Kool 6 – motor power controller with the display

4’000 Watt | 120 Amp | 300 g

Kool 12 e-Bike motor power controller

Kool 12 – motor power controller with the display

10’000 Watt | 250 Amp | 640 g

Kool 24 e-Bike motor power controller

Kool 24 – motor power controller with the display

20’000 Watt | 500 Amp | 1100 g

Kool 6Kool 12Kool 24
Maximum power4 000W10 000W20 000W
Nominal power2 000W5 000W10 000W
Voltage range20-90V20-90V20-90V
Phase, max120A250A500A
Battery, max70A150A300A
AUX output12V 1A12V 1A12V 1A
Operating Temp.-30°C to 80°C-30°C to 80°C-30°C to 80°C
Phase wires10AWG / 5 mm8AWG XT1506AWG terminals
Battery wires12AWG XT6010AWG XT908AWG XT150
Control modesSquare, Sensorless,
Sine, Chargering
Square, Sensorless,
Sine, Chargering
Square, Sensorless,
Sine, Chargering
Sleep current<300uA<300uA<300uA
Protection classIP54 or IP57IP54 or IP57IP54 or IP57
Size70x34x100 mm86х43х125 mm86х43х185 mm
Weight300 g640 g1100 g